HUE_UJ has partnered with a community of residents in Bertram’s Johannesburg. The intention is to support the community in improving their living conditions which are currently very harsh. The community already work well together and are well organised. The building they inhabit currently belongs to government and sits on a government priority block. The existing inhabitants have resided in this residence for a considerable number of years; the majority between 5 to 20 years. Over these years they have faced constant turmoil and threats of eviction. Due to organizations like Plan Act and ICRC that have educated the residents about their rights, the community has managed to remain in the building. Although they do not pay for renting out the building, the residents of the premises, have taken great steps in ensuring a better life for them and their children. The premises is communally cleaned, and they have worked together to provide for basic services and security to be met in the building. All maintenance is done by the residents themselves. Currently there are some major structural and health hazards in the building that the residents do not have the financial means or professional expertise to address. What we propose with our partners (ICRC and Plan Act and CARINBE) is to document the issues that the building currently has, compile this into a document, and workshop ideas with the residents as to how we can move forward to improving their homes. We will then attempt to lobby financing and professional expertise to improve the building and in doing so, also improve the safety and livelihoods of the residents. Thereafter we intend investigating possible phased interventions to improve conditions – perhaps ultimately transitioning into a functioning, safe mixed use residential development.