On the 4th November 2017 we were fortunate enough to have Professor Stephen Ekolu and his team from CARINBE generously give us their time in order to test the structural integrity of the Bertrams building.

With the meticulous inspection of the building by CARINBE, an assessment on the building foundations gave us great insight on the state of the foundations. CARINBE concluded that the foundations were still in good condition, however due to poor stormwater drainage, the runoff from the external tap is accumulating around the edges of the building on the South Western side, and this needs to be addressed in order to avoid any future damage to foundations.

The Residents of the building were generous with their time and energy as they took turns in digging holes through the sand that currently sits on the slab for accurate testing. Certain sections of the roof were covered in a depth of more than 20 centimetres of sand! We have been given the recommendation from CARINBE that the large amount of sand in conjunction with the lack of drainage outlets, creates heavy loading of the roof on the building during rainy periods. The recommendation thus far is to remove the sand from the roof. Further strength testing was taken of the slab and we are awaiting those results.