Updates on Bertrams Priority Block Community
On the 25th June 2019 the City of Johannesburg posted a notification that a demolition would take place on the Bertrams priority block. This created great insecurity and panic for all community members. A picket entitled “WE WONT MOVE” was organised a week later in the Johannesburg CBD by the residents and ICRC in order to explain to the city that building work in the priority block should not take place without discussing and engaging the residents with developments.
Since then the City of Johannesburg has come on board with ICRC to make sure any future developments will be discussed and work shopped with residents. We have assisted ICRC and 1 to 1 in draughting a document to advise COJ on some of the engagement processes that should take place prior to any renovations.
Developments in TUT NRF CEP works in Bertrams
On the 19th July 2019 the Community Engagement team from TUT architecture and CARINBE UJ came together to discuss the Action plan for the concrete slab in Bertrams. We critically assessed the structural and design challenges of the building. We  discussed various techniques that could be used to fix the slab without displacing any residents from the confines of the block.
Since then we have created an action plan to implement safety building renovations for the Bertrams block. These safety renovations will also assist us in delivering community based sustainable design solutions. They will include a workshop to collaborate with the residents on renovation proceedings and offer training opportunities for residents. Training opportunities are open to all adult residents, male and female . The action plan was delayed due to the negotiation with ICRC and COJ but works should reconvene  by mid October.