Some of the research outcomes of the NRF Bertrams Community Engagement Project are based on the documentation of the on site action research project that facilitates numerous interventions, primarily led by the existing community, and bring greater understanding of community engagement systems, community management and the challenges of implementation in informally occupied buildings.

We have commenced the highly anticipated action plan of building renovations and in doing so, we have also started the documentation of the action research of the project.

On Monday 28th October 2019 at around 07:30 building materials were delivered to site. We are focusing on the safety of the building and in the related pictures you can see the training of residents as well as the actioning of this training. The residents of the building and surrounding building blocks have been allocated materials to restore the brick balustrades of the building. Suzette is on-site managing the process and making sure that residents are receiving opportunities to be trained on the job with regards to bricklaying and welding.