The latest alteration that has made big an impact on how the building is used, is the repair of the concrete roof

The concrete roof of the building no longer had any waterproofing, nor was there any way for water to drain away from the slab. This caused rainwater to seep through to the rest of the building, and ultimately led to all the rooms to have water running down the walls and concrete slabs of the rooms making the living conditions of all residents very challenging. Therefore, it was proposed that the roof required more attention and that it needed to be waterproofed as soon as possible. Initially sand would be removed before waterproofing would occur however, once the sand was removed the cracks in the slab were noticeable, and the engineer recommended that a screed layer should be provided before the waterproofing is done.

The cement screed layer has now been added, and the curing process is underway before the waterproofing can be done. It has been interesting to notice how there was a general excitement in the building. The residents of the building were immediately intrigued by the events of the day, and once support was needed during the pouring of the screed everyone started helping where they could. Residents also made sure to use the screed effectively and small areas in the building also received screed as needed.


-Laetitia Lamprecht