In October two new researchers joined the team working on the NRF Community Engagement Project in Bertrams. Each of them is currently engaged in tasks to support the execution of the projects that form part of the shift towards a broader urban engagement in the Priority Block. The two researchers are employed by The Tshwane University of Technology and seconded to 1to1 Agency of Engagement.

Setshaba Raseroka

Setshaba is a candidate architect who graduated with his MProf from TUT at the end of 2019. He is investigating access of the Bertrams Priority Block residents to water and sanitation. Apart from being involved in assessing the existing available water and sanitation for residents, he is working alongside 1to1 Agency of Engagement to develop a proposal for how the different levels of need may be addressed, in a fairly pragmatic way. He is investigating precedents and using design to develop new ideas that may be appropriate for this specific context and the needs of the residents of occupied inner-city buildings in general. Some of the ideas implemented will act as case studies which, along with his broader study and recommendations, will form a working methodology for how water and sanitation needs might become methodology for accessible basic water and sanitation solutions that may be applied in other occupied buildings inner-city Johannesburg in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

Ndumiso Jako

Ndumiso completed his Honours in Architecture at UJ’s GSA in 2019. He is a freelance candidate architectural technologist, fashion designer and photographer. He is engaged in action research and the on-the-ground implementation of the CEP. So far he has championed the construction of the ablution block at one of the buildings in the Priority Block. He is a people’s person and uses his affinity for understanding people to push the co-design and co-production agenda of the CEP. He is also working for 1to1 on an ad hoc basis where he is learning more about community engagement processes and facilitation.