On the 11th of November after preparing most of the site the day before, the community of Bertrams were taken on a tour through their new Community Garden by one of the residents who was part of the design process. The residents assembled and walked along with Michelle* as she explained each design aspect and where it has been placed, why the decision was taken to put it there, what it will entail and what is needed for it to be constructed.

Setting out the site the day before (van der Walt, 1to1)


The tour of the space by the SHAP Bertrams team. (van der Walt, 1to1)

The site was an ad-hoc assembly of found, borrowed and repurposed items, used to demarcate and annotate the different site elements. By marking out the different elements at scale 1:1, on the exact site that they will be developed, allowed even those not well versed in spatial design and visualisation to see what the SHAP Bertrams team had produced, based on their priorities and ideas.

*Not her real name.

–    Suzette van der Walt