14 August 2021

A meeting was held in the courtyard at Jossanah court by the collaborative collective; ICRC, 1to1, and BPB residents to re-start upgrading and maintenance work on the ground.

It was decided that as the peak of the third wave of covid-19 had passed and numbers were decreasing significantly it may be a safer time to start engaging but still maintain small teams on smaller project items.

A collaborative plan of action was derived and all frustrations, grievances and concerns had a chance to be aired.

Resolution was taken to include:

  1. The fence would be the first item to complete.
  2. Some assistance was necessary engaging waste removal at No6.
  3. Community who cannot volunteer would contribute to lunches to support volunteers.
  4. All tools need to be looked after and accounted for.
  5. Other tools could be borrowed from neighbours in other buildings.
  6. Construction would start as soon as possible.